Help and Support in the United States of America.

The following contain addresses, websites and other information on community groups and other help.  You can also find more informative web pages (including these ones) under links on the home page. Most of the places you will find on this list can point you in the direction of a group near you, if there isn't one listed. As this is an ongoing page if you know of more please email me the details. E-mail me

United States of America  
The Anxiety Disorders Association of America-   1190 Parklawn Drive, suite 100.  Rockville, Maryland.                 (301) 231-9350  
Agoraphobics In Motion A.I.M-    605 West 11 Mile Road, Royal Oak, MI    (313) 547-0400  
Agoraphobics In Action Inc.-   P.O Box 1662, Antioch. TN    (615)831-2383  
CHAANGE -       128 Country Club Drive, Chula Vista, CA (619)425-3992  
ENcourage Newsletter- 13610 North Scottsdale Road, Suite 10-126 Scottsdale, AZ     
National Institute of Mental Health- Information Service. 1-800-64-PANIC for free information.  
National Panic/ Anxiety Disorder Newsletter-  1718 Burgandy Place, Suite B Santa Rosa, CA       (707) 527-5738  
New Beginnings Foundation for Agoraphobia-  P.O Box 9327, Glendale, CA  (818) 549-9966  
Obsessive Compulsive Foundation, Inc- P.O Box 9573 , New Haven, CT 06535  
The Open Door -   608 Russel Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55405  
PASS- Group Inc-  P.O Box 1614, Williamstown. NY (716) 689-4399  
Phobics Anonymous- P.O box 1180, Palm Springs, CA  (716)322-COPE  
TERRAP - 923 Everlyn Street , Menlo Park, CA (800) 274-6242
New Zealand  
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