Simple Things That Reduce Anxiety

Adding and eliminating a few things from ones diet can have a big impact on anxiety. A well balanced diet is recommended to everyone, but anxiety disorder sufferers can really benefit from this.

Try to aim not to include the following things in your diet, especially not excessively- salt, sugar (brown sugar, honey, and sucrose), caffeine. All of these can stress your body in different ways and add to your tension, not help reduce it.

Reduce the following things in your diet - red meat, animal fat and other sources of cholesterol, alcohol (alcohol when it breaks down forms into a specific type of sugar).

If you diet is lacking, add vitamin and mineral supplements- Vitamin B complexes and Vitamin C can be very helpful. Many vitamin companies actually sell a 'stress' multivitamin or formula. This can be very good as not only does it contain Vitamin B and C but also herbs such as valerian, that help calm and relax. If your diet is lacking in a number of areas maybe a normal multivitamin might help. Please read cautions and recommended doses on all vitamins.

If possible - drink 8 glasses or water a day and try calming herbal teas such as chamomile or lemon soother.


Exercise has proven to be one of the best ways to reduce anxiety. Again, it not only has short-term benefits but long term ones. Regular exercise can reduce fears about illness. If you feel fit and healthy, you often don't jump to that conclusion so quickly while having anxiety symptoms. It is also a way to get a natural high, increase oxygen in the blood and lesson heart symptoms associated with anxiety. Sometimes it is hard for people who are depressed, anxious or agoraphobic to find the energy and the courage to do certain types of exercise. There are always ways around these problems.

If energy is an issue - try doing a gentle exercise such as yoga or tai chi. Both of these not only have benefits for the body but the mind also. Certain exercises or postures can also be specifically for relaxation or lessening fatigue. There are many good books with easy to follow instructions on these. Walking is another simple and gentle exercise. It has many benefits and it also can be a great stress reliever. Swimming is another relaxing and gentle exercise. It also involves a lot of muscle groups and helps with breathing. Something to keep mind about exercise is, that often exercise itself can be a big energy booster, If you are, however, starting a form of exercise and haven't done much physically for a while it is recommended that see your doctor for a check up, or to discuss your exercise routine with them, and that you slowly introduce yourself to it. This way you wont be left with out any energy and you probably wont be as sore the next day either.

If fear of going far from the house, or fear of bodily symptoms is an issue - Again perhaps try yoga or tai chi as both of these can be done in the comfort of your home and are gentle. If you would like to try more strenuous exercise get an aerobic tape, or something like a stair master. You can do these both in doors and they will help greatly with your anxiety and it's symptoms. Regular exercise has wonderful benefits. When we feel good internally our bodies and minds are more relaxed. Try doing 20 minutes three times a week. Often you can find the right type of exercise that you not only enjoy but that benefits you the most. Relaxation Techniques. Spending a little time each day just to release the mental and physical tension can do enormous things for people with anxiety.

Simple Things To Lift Mood.

Sometimes people with anxiety problems get depressed and feel quite overwhelmed and hopeless. I wanted to add this list as just doing a few simple things can often relieve this, or give a different out look on life. These are also things that you do for yourself, spending a little time pampering yourself never hurts. Do it as much as possible. Allow yourself some time each day to do something, just one thing that makes you feel good.  Here are some things I have found to help-

- Taking a relaxing bath (adding relaxing music, candles and aromatherapy oils is even better)
- If the weather allows lay a blanket on your lawn, or other appropriate place outside- grab a pillow and lay down, Relax, read or daydream.